Estate Administration

We assist executors and administrators in all aspects of probate administration activities. Our work helps the executor conclude the affairs of an estate in a lawful, efficient, and cost-effective manner. In providing this assistance, we help ensure that the wishes of the decedent regarding the disposition of assets are honored and performed in accordance with the law.

Working closely with family members, we ensure that all necessary and appropriate steps are taken. Our work in this area primarily involves petitioning the court for the appointment of the executor of an estate, obtaining approval of the will, compiling an inventory of estate assets, management of estates, estate accounting, estate tax return preparation or supervision, obtaining allowance of accounts, and distribution of assets to the beneficiaries.

The probate process has notoriously been known as a long and expensive process. Not every probate is a major undertaking that requires substantial work and time. For example, in Massachusetts, probate estates with assets of less than fifteen thousand dollars (not including the value of a motor vehicle) are generally relatively simple and inexpensive.

If you are the named executor, it is wise to seek legal counsel in order to insure that you are acting according to the law. You may not be aware of certain requirements such as the original Will is required to be filed with the Court of appropriate jurisdiction within thirty days of death or what is the proper priority of payments and distributions from the estate to creditors and heirs.